About us

The team behind
Jérôme Morlon

Jérôme Morlon, founder, formerly editor in chief of L'Internaute (Linternaute.com), France's leading Web content portal, advisor and trainer specialized in online travel.

Jérôme has been travelling in Asia, Africa, the United States, the Middle East and of course extensively throughout Europe, but his favorite city remains Paris, France, closely followed by Rome, Venise, Bruxelles and Reykyavik.

Stéphane Loire

Stéphane Loire, founder of Next Content, the digital innovation agency specialized in in e-business and online consumers analysis, and creator of Next Tourisme, the french annual meeting of online travel managers.

Stéphane will never have enough of Venice, Berlin, or the beauties of France.

The goal

Craving for a pleasant afternoon walk, on a sunday maybe, not too far from home, even in well-known neighbourhood territory ? ...But not going through because this neighbourhood, this city, well they don't offer much of a surprise anymore.

Spending the weekend with the family, with friends, the ones we love, going for a visit to some magical city from where we're supposed to come back with the right pictures to show ? ...But deep inside not really wanting to do what everybody else is doing, what everybody else is expecting you to do.

This rings a bell ? Paris Parcours is an answer to those feelings we've all experienced some day (haven't we ?).

A way to rediscover our town, or just our neighbourhood, try new things, be surprised again, and even have fun !

A way to behave almost exactly like your regular tourist do, save from the slight bit of difference that makes everything more exciting and fulfilling.

Paris Parcours present you with the nicest itineraries, appealing to everyone, easy to follow, and easy to consult on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone screen. Those itineraries are full of good ideas and addresses, and they're crafted to be funny, relaxing, pleasurable and stimulating.

All our itineraries are home-made. Every address they include as a proposed stop, even if it's a restaurant, a hotel, a shop, is our personal choice and is not in any way dictated by third parties.

Paris Parcours is a team of people who love to wander around but who also love how nowadays technologies are able to greatly enhance this kind of experiences. A team willing to propose the general audience something useful and handy, but without interfering with the simple joy of tourism discovery.

Based in Paris, we've got extensive knowledge and professional experience of Web content and e-travel/e-tourism issues. We've spend the last 12 years working in some of the most renowned french websites, and we have three goals we'd like to achieve with you :

First, let us -and our itineraries- guide you ;

Then, don't hesitate to propose your own itineraries to the community - this is very easy and you'd be suprised as to how satisfying it is to see people interested by what you are telling them about your neighbourhood ;

Lastly, if you are the owner of a restaurant, an hotel, a shop of any kind... Paris Parcours can help your leveraging your business in a way that is a lot more natural and a lot less intrusive than traditional Internet advertising.

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