Paris Parcours

More than just itineraries, a new city-trip experience in Paris.

With Paris Parcours, you can follow various themed itineraries in Paris with your phone or tablet through our mobile app, or even from your desktop through our Web-app.

Solving riddles in front of the Louvre ? Exploring unusual Places in the ancient Paris ? Finding the charming hidden places of the city ? For a week-end, a tourist trip or just a nice walk, Paris Parcours puts a new light on monuments, museums, parks & gardens… Take the tour!

Even more, Paris Parcours allows you to play solo or multiplayer games based on the itineraries. Two types of games are currently available : scavenger hunts, where you need to unlock mystery stops,and race to goals, where the goal is to reach as many stops as you can in a limited time.

Playing games earns you points, badges and sometimes extra privileges : which level will you reach and how high will you rank among all Paris Parcours players? And don’t worry : if you have already played a specific itinerary, you can always replay the same itinerary later if you want.

Last but not least, You can even create your own itineraries and your own games, whether public or private! If you need inspiration, our team has already crafted close to 50 itineraries and 20 associated games.

Have an happy and playful time discovering Paris!

The new and improved Paris Parcours app is faster and easier, as well as more fun and more immersive.
We hope you’ll like it!

To those who already have a Paris Parcours account, an e-mail has been sent with a temporary password to log in the new app. If you didn’t get that e-mail, please¬†contact us.

Once logged in with the temporary password, reach your Paris Parcours profile page.

Then go to the Personal Data management section by clicking this button :

Finally, click on “Change” next to “Password” and follow the ensuing instructions.