A short overview of the Marais

In just 1 hour, starting from the Place des Vosges, a quick look of the famous district's most interesting features. And a few challenges, too.

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What you will do

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The Marais is one of the most pleasant Paris districts. Shops are open on sunday, astonishing monuments and old houses abound, and something is in the air that has a perfume of freedom.

This itinerary if, by choice, dense but short. You may want, if you can, to spend a lot more time visiting either Victor Hugo's House, Carnavalet Museum, or Shoah Memorial, to name only a few of your options. Or you can have a break, or a meal, or even go shopping. Otherwise, let us guide you.

But look around carefully : there will be a few things to observe that will require a bit of searching !

Step by step
  • Let us begin around the Place des Vosges, which you can reach, for example, from Bastille or Saint-Paul subway stations (line 1). Find Victor Hugo's house at the southeast corner. 1
  • Explore the Place des Vosges, its Square Louis-XIII and its beautiful facades. 2
  • Now take, on your left, des Francs-Bourgeois street up to Sévigné street, which you will follow to the right until, right thereafter, Carnavalet Museum. 3
  • Take Sévigné street again, southbound this time, then turn left into de Jarente street. You will arrive at du Marché-Sainte-Catherine square through a small passageway. 4
  • Exit du Marché-Sainte-Catherine square from the other side, and go straight ahead into Caron street, then turn right into Saint-Antoine street up to Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church on your left. 5
  • Keep going until Pavée street (on your right), and take the latter up to the synagogue. 6
  • Go back following the direction of Saint-Paul subway station, then find, opposite left, Fourcy street. 7
  • Keep going on Fourcy street, then turn left on Charlemagne street and right on du Figuier street, up to the Hôtel de Sens. 8
  • Finally, cross du Passage-de-l'hôtel-de-Sens square to reach the embankment, go past the Cité Internationale des Arts along de l'Hôtel-de-Ville street, then turn right into Geoffroy-l'Asnier street. 9
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