Some weirdness from Rivoli to Réaumur

Discover the unusual albeit in one of the most renowned Paris area. Ideally from the late afternoon to the end of the evening, let's find some weirdness in the City of Light.

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What you will do

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This itinerary might only have 7 stops, but you will need the full 6 hours to do everything, including having dinner in the most unusual place.

Without dinner, you'll need only half as many hours. Even less if you skip visiting the Centre Pompidou.

The best would be to begin, from tuesday to saturday, at around 4.30pm. This will give you time to visit the Doll Museum which closes at 6. Then you'll have time to enjoy Beaubourg before going to dinner (not before 8pm if you do choose the restaurant we're suggesting).

You will be brought to the Paris of the tourists, but you won't be like the others at all. Quite the contrary in fact : you'll see lesser known places and you'll be having unusual experiences.

So, are you ready ?

Step by step
  • Let's begin at the history-rich Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville. Maybe you'll be able to picture that day in 1792 when the guillotine was first used for an execution. Or maybe you'll think of the fire, set by the Commune forces, that destroyed the previous palace in 1871. 1
  • Cross de Rivoli street and take du Renard street, then, to the left, de la Verrière street. At the church, a strange devil will be waiting. 2
  • Now take rue Saint-Martin street up to the Centre Pompidou. Don't go in there yet but take Rambuteau street to the right, at the other end of the square, then turn left into Beaubourg street and right into the Impasse Berthaud. The Doll Museum, at the end of the Impasse, is not intentionally fearful, but with a little bit of imagination, you'll make the most of it, we're sure. Be aware however, that the museum closes at 6pm, and is also closed on monday and sunday. 3
  • Enter the Quartier de l'Horloge by des Ménétriers passageway, opposite the Impasse Berthaud. This will lead you to Bernard Clairvaux street. 4
  • Go back to Beaubourg by another passageway, and don't hesitate to spend some time there now : go to the highest floor to see the view, enjoy one of the often stimulating - and sometimes weird - exhibitions, or stroll at the nice and big ground level art bookshop. 5
  • Take Rambuteau street again, westbound this time, and turn left into Quincampoix street. You'll soon arrive at a curious restaurant. Evening service starts at 8. 6
  • Now that you've maybe experienced such an unusual dinner, what don't you go back home (or head somewhere else to party) by taking the subway at Arts-et-Métiers station ? It's worth it. From Dans le noir restaurant, take Quincampoix street northbound then turn right into aux Ours street, left into Saint-Martin street, and right into de Turbigo street which will lead you to Arts-et-Métiers. 7
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