From Rome to Babylone through Luxembourg

Explore the old but trendy 6th district of Paris, after a walk in the famous Luxembourg Garden. In this itinerary, you'll start at the Panthéon and you'll finish near Sèvres-Babylone subway station.

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What you will do

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The Luxembourg Garden is one of the favorite place of Parisians. And for good reasons : it is large, beautiful, inspiring, diverse...

We invite you to cross this garden form the east (descending from the Panthéon's viewpoint) to the north where you'll start exploring the 6th district between Saint-Sulpice and Saint-Germain boulevard, one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Paris, so religious for many centuries, now a perfect mix of history, shopping and other pleasures of life.

We'll stop near the (equally smart) neighbourhood of Notre-Dame-des-Champs, opposite the Square Boucicaut and the Sèvres-Babylone subway station.

Step by step
  • So let's start at the Panthéon. From Cardinal-Lemoine subway station (line 10), take Clovis street, or from Maubert-Mutualité subway station (also on line 10), take des Carmes street then Valette street in the continuation. 1
  • At the Luxembourg Garden - watch the fences at the entrance : there might well be a photo or drawing exhibition -, enjoy its pleasant and addictive atmosphere, go see Médicis fountain, the little boats on the main basin, the tennis courts, the chess players... Doing so, you'll go through large tree-lined alleys. 2
  • Exit the Garden near the Luxembourg Museum, and take de Vaugirard street on your right. 3
  • The entrance of the Luxembourg Palace is located just a little further away on de Vaugirard street. 4
  • Now take Garancière street, opposite the Garden, going back a little on de Vaugirard street. Then turn left into Palatine street. You'll soon arrive at Saint-Sulpice square. 5
  • If you want, have a drink on Saint-Sulpice square, then start walking across the XIIIth-century old 6th district : take Saint-Sulpice street, turn left into Mabillon street, along Saint-Germain market, up to du Four street ; then turn left again into Princesse street, then right into Guisarde street, then right again into des Canettes street ; finding back du Four street, turn left then left again into Bonaparte street. Almost back to Saint-Sulpice square, don't miss the tiny Pierre Hermé's pastry shop. Even if you don't buy anything, it will be a treat for the eye. 6
  • Take du Vieux-Colombier street, which begins at Saint-Sulpice square, up to the crossroads formed by du Cherche-Midi and de Sèvres streets. 7
  • Following de Sèvres street, you'll find Récamier street on your right. 8
  • A little bit further on de Sèvres street, you'll now find, this time on your left, the Lutetia Hotel. 9
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