Odeon and Saint-Germain : welcome to Paris showpieces

A symbol of Paris, of its intellectual and artistic life, whose spirit time couldn't kill. Shop 'till you drop and enjoy walking in this fabulous neighbourhood.

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What you will do

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This loop will features some well-known parisian spots (the Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Hôtel de la Monnaie), but also some lesser-known places (the Cour de Rohan) or even straight out weird ones (the Dupuytren Museum).

The neighbourhood has evolved a lot since the XVIIth century village, and may not be the boiling intellectual and cultural mold of the last century, but it has retained some of its magic and still surprises visitors. Shops, movie theaters and restaurants galore still contribute to make it one of the most appealing Paris area for going out.

The indicated duration of this itinerary may of course vary depending on the visits you choose to make at various stops.

Step by step
  • The starting and ending point of this itinerary would be Saint-Michel square. Line 4 of the subway and line B of the RER stop here. Once there, you may begin by taking Danton street. 1
  • From Danton street, turn right into Serpente Street, then right again into Hautefeuille street which will lead you to de l'Ecole-de-Médecine street after crossing Saint-Germain boulevard. Note that Dupuytren Museum is not a mandatory stop, for it might be disturbing for some. 2
  • Take de l'Ecole-de-Médecine street as if going down to Saint-Germain boulevard, but turn left into the small Antoine-Dubois street. Cross Monsieur-le-Prince street then take Casimir-Delavigne street up to the Place de l'Odéon. Take de l'Odéon street, opposite the theater, to go back to Saint-Germain boulevard near Odéon subway station, where you're bound to see a lot of people, both tourists and parisians. Head to Danton street, but don't take it. Turn left instead into de l'Eperon street, then immediatly left again into du Jardinet street which will end at the Cour de Rohan. 3
  • Go out of the Cour de Rohan at the Cour du Commandant-Saint-André, northbound, up to Saint-André-des-Arts street which you will take to the left until a crossroads. At this point, turn right into Dauphine street and when you'll reach the level of Christine street on your right, turn left into Dauphine passageway. 4
  • Now take Mazarine Street to the left. At the crossroads you've already encountered at the previous stop, turn right into de Buci street. You'll find de l'Abbaye street on your left, which will lead you to your destination. 5
  • Exit Saint-Germain square through Guillaume-Appolinaire street, and turn left into Saint-Benoît street. At 7-11, Saint-Benoît street is the Bel-Ami hotel, which appears in a Gossip Girl episode set in Paris. Proceed into the street until turning right into Jacob street then left into Bonaparte street, up to the library. 6
  • Continue on Bonaparte street until Malaquais embankment, then de Conti embankment on the right. 7
  • The Hôtel de Monnaie is located just nearby the previous stop. 8
  • To reach the final stop (if you don't intend to have dinner here - or lunch at weekends -, just continue straight up to Saint-Michel square), proceed along the embankment, but make a small detour through Dauphine street then, to the left, de Pont-de-Lodi street, before finding des Grands-Augustins street and the eponymous embankment. 9
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