Around Beaubourg and the many faces of Paris

Modern and historical, hype and traditional : Paris will be all of this as you go along this itinerary.

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What you will do

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Almost a loop, this walk will bring you in many different parisian atmospheres :

... A rich and refined city, with its luxury "hôtels particuliers" (private or former private mansions the size of a building) and smart shops (such as the Mariage Frères tea house and museum),

... A trendy city, with its numerous shopping addresses in the Marais district,

... A traditional city, between gothic religious buildings, a medieval cloister and a hausmannian public garden,

... A modern and bold city, as exemplified by the Pompidou Center,

... And also a city for the people, made of simple pleasures, jobs and social initiatives.

Yes, all this in a single itinerary !

So there's a lot to do, and we advice starting in the morning and completing the walk after lunch. The 4-hour duration is highly dependant on your choices (whether you want to visit such museum, or not ; whether you want to go to a restaurant for lunch, or not, etc.) so it's more an average duration between a short version (the itinerary is doable in 2-3 hours) and a long one that can take up to a whole day.

Step by step
  • Let's begin near the Halles (a transport hub and a mall), opposite the Bourse du Commerce. 1
  • Montorgueil street is immediately nearby, between Montmartre and Turbigo streets. 2
  • Turn right into Mauconseil street and take Etienne Marcel street, then turn right into Pierre Lescot street and left into Rambuteau street which will lead you to the Centre Pompidou. Feel free to spend some time there, at the exhibitions, the Museum of Modern Art, or even the large art bookshop on ground floor. 3
  • Now take Saint-Merri street eastbound towards the Marais district, then continue into Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie street. A little further away, you'll find des Archives street on your left. 4
  • At the end of des Archives street, turn right into de Bretagne street. 5
  • Then turn right into Charlot street, then left into du Poitou street. You'll find Debeylleme street which you'll take to the right until de Thorigny street. The Picasso Museum is only a few dozen meters away. 6
  • At the end of de Thorigny street, turn right into de la Perle street, then left into Vieille-du-Temple street, one of the many typical streets of the Marais district. If it's lunchtime, well you know what you have to do ! 7
  • Follow Vieille-du-Temple street until des Rosiers street, where you'll find many on-the-fly falafel restaurants (if you didn't stop at Robert et Louise, maybe you'll find them useful). If you're still not hungry (or if you're not anymore), proceed on Vieille-du-Temple street until Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie street again. Then turn left into du Bourg-Tibourg street. 8
  • At the end of du Bourg-Tibourg street, turn right into de la Verrerie street then left into du Temple street, near the BHV (another famous parisian mall). You will end up at de Rivoli street and the Hôtel de Ville. 9
  • Lastly, reach Saint-Jacques Tower through Victoria avenue, which starts in front of the Hôtel de Ville. 10
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