The covered passageways of Paris

A discovery of the city's most beautiful covered passageways, whether populated by expensive or cheaper shops and restaurants. In the meantime, you'll have to gather some clues to find a hidden stop.

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What you will do

Paris had about 150 covered passageways (typically with a glass roof) in the 1850's, most of them having been build in the first half of the XIXth century, and the vast majority being located on the right bank of the Seine, where the upper class lived.

This parisian trend was imitated elsewhere in France and even abroad. The goal was to provide a variety of different shops while allowing customers to be sheltered from bad weather. But many passageways didn't survive the haussmannization of Paris.

Our itinerary will show you the most beautiful (often protected as historical monuments), most interesting, most typical and most varied covered passageways, amont the 20-ish remaining open and accessible today.

Obviously, this will appeal to shopping lovers, but we also wanted to play a little game with you. During the walk, you'll be asked to pay attention to little details and to gather 3 words, which will be necessary to unlock a mystery stop - yet another covered passageway, of course.

Come stop 6, you should have those three words ready. You'll need to type them in the order they were hinted to you, separated by a whitespace and in lowercase. If you're right, you'll be rewarded with the identity of the hidden last stop.

Step by step
  • Let's begin near de la République square. The Passage Vendôme is a little on the right when heading towards du Temple boulevard, in the south-east corner. 1
  • Exit the Passage Vendôme at Béranger street, which you'll take to go back to de la République square. Then take René-Boulanger street between Saint-Martin and de Magenta boulevards. You'll arrive at the Porte Saint-Martin, from where you'll take, on the left, northbound, du Faubourg-Saint-Martin street. After a short walk, you'll find the Passage Brady on your right. 2
  • Exit the Passage Brady at du Faubourg-Saint-Denis street, then head south, on the left. You'll pass next to Passage du Prado, which is not very enticing, so don't go in it. Instead, continue on Saint-Denis street now. You'll find one of the entrance of the Passage du Caire a little before reaching du Caire street. 3
  • Exit the Passage du Caire at du Caire square. Look carefully at the ears of Goddess Hathor, and take note of the french word for the animal that those ears remind you of. Then take d'Aboukir street to the left, and turn right to reach de Cléry street. Opposite, take Poissonnière street, and turn left into des Jeûneurs street, right into Saint-Fiacre street, then left into d'Uzès street, and finally right into Montmartre street up to the Grands Boulevards. Follow Montmartre boulevard a little, and one of the entrance of the Passage des Panoramas will be on your left. There you'll find the Boutique of the Graveur Stern. Take note of the type of metal that is mentioned on its insignia, under the enluminated S. Again, use the french word, not the english one.. 4
  • Now take, in that order, des Variétés, Saint-Marc and Montmartre galleries and exit the passageway at Montmartre street. Then turn right into Notre-Dame-des-Victoires street and go up to the Paris stock exchange. From there, take de la Banque street southbound still, until you'll find, on your right, one of the entrance of the Vivienne gallery. 5
  • Exit the gallery at des Petits-Champs street. Take note of the type of restaurant located here (beware of the spelling of this french word), on each side of the gallery entrance and turn right. The Colbert Gallery is right here. You're also very close to the Palais-Royal Gardens. 6
  • Mystery stop
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