The Iconic Monuments of the Left Bank

This will lead you to the grandest (and highest) monuments of Paris. Get ready for a great promenade where you'll be overwhelmed, but still feel free.

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What you will do

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The goal ? The majestic part of the city, to the West of the Left Bank, but without forgetting surprises and charm. The walk will start at the onset of Notre-Dame-des-Champs neighbourhood and head towards the Eiffel Tower. This will be a pleasant promenade which can be extended, by good weather, at the large and nice Champ-de-Mars. And of course, there will be some riddles to solve.

The 7th district, with its large avenues, big monuments and beautiful buildings, is the second most expensive real estate district of Paris (after the 6th). It's no wonder that one can find many embassies there. But beyond the wealth, the official institutions, and the prestige, the district's most important treasures do not cease to amaze. Welcome to a full fledged Heritage itinerary !

Step by step
  • We start at the Bon Marché, the most beautiful department store in Paris. Oh yes, nothing is cheap here, but the whole itinerary will be placed under the sign of wealth, after all ! The closest subway station is Sèvres-Babylone (line 10), just opposite the garden in front of the store. 1
  • You'll find the Chapel behind the Bon Marché, on du Bac street. 2
  • Find de Babylone street and follow it to the left up to number 57 bis. On the way, you'll reach a little garden that could be a nice location for a first break. 3
  • Now turn into Monsieur street to get to Oudinot street. The Alley of Industry will be just opposite. 4
  • Going out of the Alley, turn left and get to des Invalides boulevard. Take it to the right (northbound) up to a point where it curves itself, near François-Xavier subway station. You'll then turn left into d'Estrées street, at the beginning of de Villars avenue, and right into the large de Breteuil avenue up to the Place Vauban and the Invalides. 5
  • When you're done exploring the Invalides, take de Grenelle street westbound (from the Esplanade of the Invalides, looking at the Seine, make a left turn). If you chose not to visit the Invalides, from Vauban square take de Tourville avenue to the left, then Bosquet avenue to the right. De Grenelle street will also lead you to Bosquet avenue, and you'll take the latter to the right also. Finally, turn left into Saint-Dominique avenue (nice shops here) and right into Rapp avenue. 6
  • Follow Rapp avenue up to the embankment, and turn left. If you're not interested in visiting the museum, just turn left, from Rapp avenue, into de Monttessuy street towards the Champ-de-Mars. 7
  • At this point, do you really need any more directions to get to the Eiffel Tower ? 8
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