A deluxe village life between Champerret and Monceau

Though not very well-known, the area is utterly enjoyable with its mix of large wealthy avenues and buildings and a sometimes village-like atmosphere.

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What you will do

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Apart from Monceau Park, and sometines des Ternes square, this area of Paris is rarely praised in city guides, or at least given some high priority.

While the reason might be the lack of major buildings or monuments, this does not mean that it's a dull and forgettable neighbourhood, quite the contrary ! It's a wealthy neighbourhood, with beautiful haussmaniann buildings and large avenues, and it has some very delighting little food markets with top-class goods, around which one cannot help but feel like being in a small village.

Also, despite being a mostly residential area, it is so close to the Champs-Elysées and the movie theaters that it has managed to retain a lively atmosphere.

This itinerary will also features some curiosities, and a mistery stop : you'll have to gather a couple of clues during the preceeding stops in order to unlock it. Follow carefully the instructions below.

Step by step
  • Let us begin close to Porte de Champerret subway station (line 3), one of those places where the bourgeoisie and the working class seems to effortlessly coexist. If you're not up to visit the peculiar Sainte-Odile Church, you can start the itinerary at du Maréchal-Juin square (Pereire subway station, also on line 3). 1
  • From the Porte de Champerret, take de Villiers avenue up to du Maréchal-Juin square. Here, look for a restaurant named Dessirier. This place was opened by a famous French chef, whose main restaurant is only a few streets away. Take note of this chef's firstname (look at Dessirier's sign to find it). Now take Promenade Pereire towards the Porte Maillot, and turn left into Lebon street to get to the Ternes market and Pierre-Demours street, where you'll turn to the left. 2
  • Follow Bayen street up to Poncelet market. Opposite the Fnac entertainement store on Niel avenue, you'll notice a video game shop. Take not of its name. Together with the previous stop's chef's firstname, this will be your passphrase (type the 2 answers in lowercase, separated by a whitespace) to unlock the mystery stop. 3
  • Mystery stop
    You need to know the secret word or phrase to unlock. You also need to be logged in. Login →
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  • Well, the previous stop being a mystery one, we won't tell you precisely how to get to the hotel. By chance, both Hoche avenue and the hotel are very easy to find. 5
  • Head on Hoche avenue towards Monceau Park, but a little before reaching the park, turn right into de Courcelles street to get to stop 6. 6
  • Now turn left into Rembrandt street, which will lead you to the park. Here we've designed an itinerary for you, but fell free to do otherwise if you please - just don't miss the park's main landmarks, such as its pyramid. Then, we advice you to take de Courcelles boulevard eastbound up to Villiers subway station (line 2). You can also have a look, on 20, Legendre street, at the almost hidden library on the 4th floor of the Polonia restaurant. 7
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