From Batignolles to Montmartre, from popular to trendy.

Those neighborhoods may be called "bobo" (short for "bourgeois bohème"), this won't hamper their charm in any way : be proud to play tourist in the parisian North-West.

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What you will do

Both Batignolles and Montmartre where independant villages, then towns, which where absorbed by the big city in the XIXth century. Mostly working class for a long time, they gradually became wealthier and now attract more and more so-called "bobo", short for "bourgeois bohème", meaning people with a high purchasing power but with a hipster-like spirit.

We'll start at the beautiful Square des Batignolles and head towards the Épinettes district, which has kept a larger middle-class population, then to one of the most famous tourist spot in Paris : the Montmartre hill. The itinerary will be paced by a few nice gardens and fun will be our concern all the way.

Try to avoid sundays as a lot of shops are closed.

Step by step
  • To get there, you may take bus 66 from Opéra or Saint-Lazare, or bus 31 from the Place de l'Etoile. If you take the subway, we advice to stop at Rome station : this is not the closest, but from here you can explore the South of the Batignolles by taking the street of the same name up to the Square. 1
  • Take Brochant street until Truffaut street, which you'll take to the right until des Moines street. Turn left into the latter and head to de Clichy avenue, then turn left again. You'll find the entrance of the Cité des Fleurs a few streets on your right. 2
  • At the other end of the Cité des Fleurs, take de la Jonquière to the right up to Jean-Leclaire street which will lead you to the Square. 3
  • Now take de la Jonquière street to the right, des Moines street to the left, Davy street to the left also, and Dautancourt street to the right - buildings will get wealthier as you proceed - and just after reaching de Clichy avenue, turn left the left again into Dautancourt street, and finally right into Saint-Jean street. 4
  • Take the little Saint-Michel passageway before turning right into de Saint-Ouen avenue and get back to de Clichy avenue. At number 47 of the latter, have a look at a very pretty dead-end called Cour Saint-Pierre, then head to de Clichy boulevard through Pierre-Ginier street, which you'll find on the left from de Clichy avenue (going South) then right, following a few streets all in the continuity of each other, up to the boulevard. 5
  • Now take Lepic street, which became famous since the French Movie Amélie for its Café des 2 Moulins (number 15), until des Abbesses street which you'll follow to the Square. 6
  • At the East of des Abbesses square, take Yvonne-le-Tac street then Tardieu street and you'll reach the funicular station. Of course you can also go uphill by foot. 7
  • From the basilica, turn right into Azaïs street and find the unmissable du Tertre square. Continue into Norvins street and you'll get to the last stop. Close by is the famous cabaret called Le Moulin de la Galette. The Montmartrobus will then be able to get you back to Abbesses subway station if you need. 8
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