To the Grands Boulevards and beyond

At the South of Batignolles and Montmartre, North of Sentier, get entertained then enjoy a relaxing walk in the 9th district.

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What you will do

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Theaters, bars, shops, restaurants galore... Everything at the Grands Boulevards seems to be made for entertainement. But as soon as you head up North, let's say between Saint-Lazare train station and du Faubourg-Poissonière street, another world smoothly unfolds : a quieter, more discrete one, as some kind of breathing space before Montmartre.

We'll start in the 8th district, form the already buzzing Saint-Augustin square, and we'll perform an almost full loop that only the railways will prevent us to complete. We'll cross both worlds described above, so you'll be able to focus on shopping and leisure at some point, architecture and chilling out at another, all in the same itinerary.

We've included a place to eat - don't worry, you won't be making any detour coming there, and it won't take you too long ; on the other hand, you'll have a genuine parisian experience. We also had parents of young children in mind when including stop 6. So really, we hope that whatever mood you are in, and no matter who or how you're following it, this itinerary will be most pleasurable.

It is doable in a little more than 2 hours but given all the opportunities you'll have along the way, we bet it will take a bit longer. In any case, you can easily customize it.

Step by step
  • We begin West of Saint-Lazare train station, North of the Place de la Madeleine (from there, just take Malesherbes boulevard). Subway line 9 is close by (Saint-Augustin station). 1
  • Cross the garden along Laborde street to the East, then continue until du Rocher street, which you'll take to the right before turning left into de la Pépinière street. When passing by Saint-Lazare train station, have a look on the peculiar sculpture from Arman - basically a stack of clocks. Then take, on the other side of du Havre square, the passageway (a shopping gallery) of the same name. By turning right into de Caumartin street, you'll reach Haussmann boulevard and its big lined-up department stores. Your next stop will be opposite the Galeries Lafayette. 2
  • Go on on the Grands Boulevards (Haussmann and Montmartre boulevards, in that order) until the subway station of the same name. The restaurant will be at the beginning of Montmartre street, going left a little after Grévin Museum (a famous wax museum). 3
  • Go back on the Grands Boulevards and keep heading East. Just before reaching the next subway station (namely : Bonne Nouvelle), you'll see the Grand Rex on your right. 4
  • Now take du Faubourg-Poissonière street up North. Turn left into Bergère street then right into du Conservatoire street. 5
  • At the end of the street, find the entrance of the Cité Trévise, opposite left. You'll exit it at Bleue street, which you'll take to the right until Papillon street. Take the latter to the left until de Montholon garden. The Poussette-Café is located North-East of the garden. If you've not any children with you, just skip the stop, you haven't made any detour. 6
  • Now let's start a promenade in the 9th district : take Pierre-Semard street and successively turn left into de Bellefond street, right into de Rochechouart street, and left again into Condorcet street. After a while, make another turn left this time into des Martyrs street, then turn right into Navarin street where you'll come across the Amour hotel, several rooms of which have been designed by renowned artists such as, for example, Sophie Calle. Continue by turning left into Henri-Monnier street then right into Notre-Dame-de-Lorette street, until finding Chaptal street. You're now in the neighbourhood nicknamed the "Nouvelle Athènes" (new Athens), because of its neoclassical architecture. On Chaptal street is also the Museum of Romantic Life - how appropriate in such a neighborhood, isnt' it ? At the end of the same street, take Blanche street on your left (southbound) up to de la Trinité church. You will pass by a fire station (at number 22-28, Blanche street) where you'll see... vine arbours ! Go around the church and take de Londres street until d'Amsterdam street which you'll take to the right up to your final destination. 7
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