Strolling through the courtyards of Bastille

This short serpentine itinerary will be devoted to the absolutely lovely places near the Place de la Bastille. Sometimes hidden, those courtyards and passageways will pave our way from the Arsenal to the "Green Course".

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What you will do

If we'll start in the South of the Marais, at the Square Henri-Galli where we'll have our first encounter with something related to the Bastille, we'll soon be headed - and by the way it is perfectly possible to start straight there, skipping the first stop - towards the many courtyards and passageways of du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine street in particular.

All of those are delicate and charming, several are almost hidden, a few are not very well-known (be aware that some might even be closed on week-ends). Formerly housing workshops, they're now mostly residential and their quietness and untamed beauty are the reasons why this neighbourhood is now very coveted, if not hype.

We will then get to the very picturesque market of Aligre-Beauveau and finally head towards the beginning of the "Green Course". One more magical little passageway to go, and our walk will come to an end.

Oh yes, there will be some riddles to solve along the way. Occasions are plentiful in the area.

Step by step
  • Let's start opposite Sully-Morland subway station (line 7). 1
  • Follow Morland boulevard, pass by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal and the library of the same name, then turn left into Schomberg street then Mornay street in the continuity, up to the marina of the Arsenal. Then follow the embankment of the Canal Saint-Martin until the Place de la Bastille. 2
  • Now take Richard-Lenoir boulevard and turn right into Daval street. Cour Damoye will be on your right. 3
  • Follow Daval street and go back to the Place de la Bastille by turning right into de la Roquette street. Just before the square, go and see the Passage du Cheval-Blanc, formerly filled with craft workshops : its courtyards are named after the first months of the year. Then get to du Faubourg Saint-Antoine street through the Cité Parchappe, and turn left. 4
  • Take de Charonne street (on the left from du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine street). The Passage Lhomme will be on your right after a curve. 5
  • Now have a look at the Passage Josset and, a little on the left after getting back into de Charonne street, the Cour Delépine. Go back to du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine street by getting to Ledru-Rollin avenue and taking it to the right. Head to Bastille again (to the right then) and have a look at the courtyards at number 71, 74, 75, 81-83, 89 and 95, du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine street (we told you there were many of them !). Then turn right at the crossroads with Ledru-Rollin avenue : follow Traversière street and turn left towards d'Aligre square. 6
  • Exit the market square through d'Aligre street and turn successively left into de Charenton street, right into Abel street and right again into Daumesnil avenue, near the beginning of the Green Course (the Promenade Plantée), which is raised here at the level of the Viaduc des Arts. You now have to get back one last time to Ledru-Rollin avenue, take it to the right and turn right again into de Lyon street. Crémieux will be on your right also. At this point you're close to de la Rapée embankment and, for example, subway line 5. The Gare de Lyon train station is about the same distance. 7
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