Back to the XIXth century at the West of Paris

Who said the 16th district was dull ? Embark on a quiet but eventful journey from La Muette to Foch avenue, in one of Paris high society's favorite area of residence.

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What you will do

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The 16th district is big - all the more considering that it includes the Bois de Boulogne - and is more varied than most think, provided you know where to look. To explore the area, we choose a rather obvious guiding principle : the XIXth century.

We'll discover some architecturally remarkable works of that time,  buildings of course but not only ! And we'll visit  the Marmottan Monet Museum to see some of the most famous paintings of the master of impressionism.

We'll also chill out at the Ranelagh garden, and even walk along a small part of the old "Petite Ceinture" - former railways that now form a green belt at the edge of the city.

Step by step
  • The first stop is located close to the Maison de Radio-France (the French public service radio broadcaster), near Avenue du Président Kennedy station of the RER C. Just take Jean-de-la-Fontaine street and look right, opposite the Francis-Poulenc academy of music. 1
  • Follow Jean-de-la-Fontaine street then turn right into Leopold-II avenue, and get to Rodin square and the garden of the same name. Then turn right again into Adrien-Hébrard street until the prestigious Mozart avenue, and successively turn left into de la Cure street, right into de l'Yvette street, and right once more into du Docteur-Blanche street. Mallet-Stevens street will be on your right also. 2
  • At the end of du Docteur-Blanche street, turn left into de l'Assomption street towards de Beauséjour boulevard. You'll then be able to access the "Petite Ceinture" line. There, the walk to the right will lead you to Ranelagh garden, just before de la Muette train station. Now head West for the museum. 3
  • Exiting the museum, head North of the garden and cross it back towards de la Muette train station - you'll then have fully explored the triangular garden. 4
  • Your next stop will be at the beginning of de Beauséjour boulevard, on the left. 5
  • Go back to La Muette subway station and take de la Pompe street until de Siam street (on the left), which you'll take after a small detour through Jules-Janin avenue. Then turn right into Mignard street, cross Henri-Martin boulevard and reach the Square Lamartine and your destination. 6
  • Exit the Square Lamartine through Victor-Hugo avenue, northbound. Make a detour through Saint-Didier street to the right, the Lauriston street to the left, and finally Copernic street to the right. Then reach the very smart Victor-Hugo square. On Lauriston street, you will have come across, at number 74 ter, one of the 5th remaining palm game (the ancestor of modern tennis) hall in France. FInally, from Victor-Hugo square, take Burgeaud avenue towards Porte Dauphine. 7
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