From wilderness to farmland without leaving Paris

Are you ready to explore the Forest of Vincennes ? Let's prepare by visiting a natural garden right in urban area, then seeking the most unusual - and, to the extent possible, green - places in the 20th district.

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What you will do

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This will be a rather unique itinerary for at least 2 reasons. First, although it can be done by foot (the drawing assumes this : such a walk will be closer to a hike, and will most likely be too long for young children), it is perfectly possible to take aboveground public transports (namely the tramway between stops 3 and 4), or to use a car (firt park near the Père-Lachaise, then near Soult boulevard - stop 2 will have to be skipped - and finally drive towards the Forest of Vincennes trough the Grand Boulevards or the Périphérique).

Second, Paris as you might know or imagine it, will mostly be absent of this itinerary ! Instead, a natural garden, where something as close to wilderness as possible as been recreated, a buddhist center, an incredibly narrow green passageway, and a genuine farm... will be on the way. But we'll remain all the time either in the 20th or the 12th districts.

Step by step
  • We'll start at the Père-Lachaise's South entrance. Subway line 2 (through Alexandre Dumas or Philippe-Auguste stations) is the closest. 1
  • Follow de la Réunion street up to the square of the same name, then turn right into des Vignoles street until de Buzenval street which you'll follow to the left (southbound). Come d'Avron street, find, opposite right, des Ormeaux street which goes oblique almost until de Charonne boulevard. Follow the latter until des Antilles square and finally the Place de la Nation, from where you'll take Fabre-d'Eglantine street and Picpus street in the continuity. 2
  • Come back up to de Saint-Mandé avenue, and take it to the East. To go faster, you may catch bus 29 (departure stop : Fabre d'Eglantine, arrival stop : Porte de Saint-Mandé). Near Soult boulevard, turn right into the Villa du Bel-Air then left into du Niger street and you'll find the entrance of the path. 3
  • If you're on foot, we advice you to take tramway line T3 southbound at the very close Alexandra David-Neel station. You'll get off at Porte Dorée station and go East towards the Forest of Vincennes. Form there, the center will be South of Daumesnil lake. 4
  • The farm is on du Pesage road, at the South-East of the Forest of Vincennes. If you came here by foot, you'll find bus stops (line 111, from monday to sunday) a few hundred meters South. 5
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