Unusual buildings and other curiosities in the North-East of Paris

Up to a whole day worth of sightseeing starting not far from the Place de l'Etoile and heading to the North of Paris, visiting the Batignolles and Montmartre in-between, while looking at various architectural points of interest, discovering some surprising places or gardens.

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What you will do

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Here's a long promenade full of suprises. A good way to spend a day in Paris, if you already know the city's major highlights and want to try something new. Some of the stops in this itinerary are a bit off-centered, but remain  easily reachable - and you can always use public transports if you like. In any case, the whole itinerary can be done by foot or even bike. The given path is, as always, a footpath.

The common theme here is "watch and be suprised". There won't be any museum to visit, and although we'll guide you near famous monuments, they're not in themselves the main reason behind the proposed stop. The goal is to find remarkable or unusual buildings and other constructions : meaningful architectural works (most of the time), surprising or peculiar sculptures, facades or decorations (sometimes), or a totally unexpected place.

A shorter itinerary can be performed by starting at stop 3 and skipping the last one. We advice, nevertheless, to follow the full itinerary if time allows. We even decided to add some spice to it by hiding the final stop !

Step by step
  • Let's begin very close to the Champs-Elysées and the Place de l'Etoile, by going down de Wagram avenue towards des Ternes square, in order to have a look at this beautiful building. 1
  • Now take des Ternes avenue to the left and turn right then left into Poncelet-Bayen market. Once reaching Niel avenue, take it to the right up to du Maréchal-Juin square, then head left towards the Porte de Champerret. The church will be on your right, a little further after the bus terminal. 2
  • To get to this next stop, we advice not to follow the rather unpleasant de Reims boulevard, but rather to get back to Pereire boulevard through de Courcelles street, then Berthier boulevard (to the left) and finally the charming Eugène Flachat street (a little to the right). Then, follow Pereire boulevard until de Wagram square and turn left into Malesherbes boulevard to go back to Berthier boulevard. Take the latter to the right until arrival (make a final turn, left, after reaching Boris Vian middle school). 3
  • Get back to Berthier boulevard again and take de Saussure street this time until Pereire boulevard once more. You should be close to the railway tracks passing there, near Pont-Cardinet train station. At the end of Pereire boulevard, you'll be able to see the Square des Batignolles on the other side of the tracks. The garden has got some curiosities for itself, but if you go a little deeper into the Batignolles quarter, notably by turning left (from the Square's exit) into des Moines street, then right into Truffaut street, you'll be able to see, at number 15 of the latter, an whole facade made of 1920 mosaic. 4
  • At the end of Truffaut street, take des Dames street to the right then des Batignolles street (turn left) then again du Mont-Doré street (turn right). Cross des Batignolles boulevard and get in Clapeyron street up to de Moscou street, which you'll take to the left until arrival. Go into Liège subway station to see its unusual platforms and decorations. 5
  • You will known make a succession of "turn left, then turn right" : from de Liège street into de Clichy street (left) then de Moncey street (right) ; into Blanche street then Paul-Escudier street, into Henner street then Chaptal street, into Jean-Baptiste-Pigalle street (before turning right, go and see the horsehead above a drinking trough at number 69) then Victor-Massé street. If you can (it is a private passage), go and see the Cité Malesherbes for its architectural value, at number 11 and 17 in particular, then take Trudaine avenue, exiting the Cité, until the Square d'Anvers. At number 39 of Trudaine avenue, you will have noticed one of the only 5 remaining parisians "sandbox" (they were used in case of frost or snow). 6
  • Cross de Rochechouart boulevard exiting the Square d'Anvers, then take Briquet street, d'Orsel street to the left and de Steinkerque street to the right. Once at the top of the Montmartre hill, find, on the Place du Parvis du Sacré-Cœur, and old scale. 7
  • To get to de Norvins street, you can go du Tertre square or going around it through du Chevalier street (leaving Saint-Pierre-de-Montmartre church on your left), then Saint-Rustique street (after a brief turn left from du Chevalier street into du Mont-Cenis street, turn right). De Norvins street is located in the same general direction you followed since the Sacré-Cœur. 8
  • Continue on de Norvins street, then take Junot avenue to find the next Square. 9
  • Exit the Square at Girardon street and turn left. Instead of following the curve that the street makes to lead to de l'Abreuvoir street, take the passageway that leads to Saint-Vincent street and follow the latter to the right. A little before arriving in des Saules street, spot a strange little cartoony item on the wall near the street plaque, at the crossroad angle opposite the vineyard patch. What this item looks like will unlock the final stop. You can then explore the natural garden if it is open. 10
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