A case in Time : clocks, quadrants or meridians in Paris

The middle part of this itinerary is entirely hidden and will only be unlocked by gathering various clues and exercising your judgment. And all stops will involve something related to the passage of time : solar quadrants, clocks or meridians will pave the way.

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What you will do

This will start by a left bank walk up to the Île Saint-Louis, and this will end also in the left bank from Orsay to the Latin Quarter. In the meantime (no pun intended), you'll have explored parts of Paris that, as an only indication, are located on the right bank of the Seine, but which precisely is for you to find by solving "a case in Time".

For all stops have something in common : they're related, one way or another, to the passage of time. A few not so easy riddles will have to be solved, some involving the prior gathering of clues, in order to unlock all mystery stops and know how we planned to get you back to Orsay.

If you only want to have a pleasant morning or afternoon following part of this particular itinerary on this particular theme, just begin by stops 7 and 8 and then proceed to the first three. You'll already have a lot to see, and maybe to learn.

(Good to know : case is not important when typing the passwords or passphrases.)

Step by step
  • We begin in a perfectly appropriate place not far from Luxembourg Garden. The church's gnomon - it is an astronomical tool used to determine the time of year - has become quite famous. There is an animal drawn near the writings on the gnomon's obelisk : the French name of this animal will be your first clue. 1
  • Take Saint-Sulpice street on the left of the church, than get to Odéon subway station through de Condé street. Follow Saint-Germain boulevard, cross Saint-Michel boulevard, leave the Square de Cluny by and once getting to Saint-Jacques street, take it towards the river (thus on your left) up to Dali's quadrant. By the way, what is the French title of the master's famous work where three "soft clocks" can be seen ? The last word of this title will be your second clue. 2
  • Continue on Saint-Jaques street then turn right into Galande street, going around Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre Church, and cross Lagrange street to get to de l'Hôtel-Colbert street then on to de la Bûcherie street, which you'll take to the right up to de la Tournelle embankment. Proceed eastbound through de la Tournelle bridge and finally the Île Saint-Louis. From here, take des Deux-Ponts street, facing you, and turn right into Saint-Louis-en-l'Île street. Look at the church's clock. Is it parallel or perpendicular to the street ? The answer, in French, will be your third clue. Now you should have three French words : form a 4th one with the 4th letter of each of the first three (tip : this is an english word). This will be the password to unlock next stop. 3
  • Mystery stop
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  • Mystery stop
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  • Mystery stop
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  • Cross the gardens of the Palais-Royal and exit in front of the Comédie-Française. Then get to the Louvre, and to the Tuileries Garden, before taking Léopold-Sédar-Senghor footbridge, a little further west, to cross the river and reach the museum and its famous transparent large clock, facing the Seine. 7
  • Follow Voltaire embankment eastbound up to de Conti embankment and the final stop (another meridian here). You're now in the Latin Quarter for going on with your walk or finding transportation to get home instead. 8
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