From the Louvre to the Palais-Royal : 8 riddles to solve

A one-hour walk at the very center of Paris, with a few guessing games along the way. And 2 covered passageways to do some shopping in-between.

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What you will do

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The goal ? Having some fun while strolling among Paris oldest streets and most prestigious palaces. A total of 8 riddles are proposed, in connexion with the different places you'll get to, but none of those riddles are mandatory to follow the itinerary - think of them as an add-on you may or may not choose to play.

Don't hesitate to take pictures along the way, and share them.

Step by step
  • The starting point will be the Pyramide du Louvre ! 1
  • Head towards the oriental part of the Louvre Palace. 2
  • Take Perrault street, on the left side of the church, and de l'Arbre-Sec street right after crossing de Rivoli street. Then turn left into Saint-Honoré street up to Jean-Jacques-Rousseau street, which you'll take to the right. 3
  • Exit the Cour Carrée on du Louvre street's side, opposite the church. 4
  • Don't enter du Pélican street, but continue a little bit more on Jean-Jacques Rousseau street and find the Gallery on your left. 5
  • At the other side of the Gallery, turn left into Croix-des-Petits-Champs street up to the square. 6
  • Now take the small du Vide-Gousset street towards the basilica. 7
  • Enter Vivienne Gallery through de la Banque street. 8
  • Finally exit the Gallery through des Petits-Champs street and head towards the last stop. 9
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