A date at the edges of the Champs Élysées

A short itinerary, mostly in the 8th district of Paris, which is notably suited for getting to a romantic rendez-vous - well, someone in particular might be very interested by the idea, but hush. Oh, this can be done by foot, but of course you can ride a scooter too !

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What you will do

Time to fantasize about power and celebrity ! Starting from the Palais de l'Élysée, let's make a short (almost-)loop featuring luxury shops, large avenues and all-around majestic places in a major tourist area of Paris. We'll also give you some tips (see directions below) should you be having a date right after... Why not, eh ?

There is also the opportunity to follow another itinerary (for instance the next morning, after a typical french breakfast with croissants) up to the Place de l'Étoile, in and around the most beautiful avenue of the World they say, the Champs-Élysées.

Any mode of transport will do, but if you need to be discreet for some reason (although complete secrecy is indeed very difficult to achieve, as others have experienced), you will know what's better, won't you ?

Step by step
  • So we begin in front of the primary place of power in the French Republic, close to Beauvau square (bus line 52), where stands also the French Minister of the Interior. 1
  • Now for some shopping (if we're going on a date, let's not arrive empty handed) : head East along du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré street and take d'Anjou street on the left, then de la Ville-L'Evèque street on the right. The latter will soon cross Malesherbes boulevard then reach the Place de la Madeleine. 2
  • You'll find lots of luxury shops of all kinds (food, clothes…) around the Place de la Madeleine. 3
  • Now take Royale street in the direction of the Place de la Concorde. 4
  • Head towards Marigny Theater through the gardens of the Promenade des Champs-Elysées, which might well get you in the right romantic mood. You may even stop at the stamp market for a last-minute unusual gift. 5
  • Finally, reach your final destination - one we know nothing about. Our itinerary ends at the beginning of du Cirque street, because it has to end somewhere, right ? What follows is nevertheless entirely up to you... 6
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