Ready to follow the itinerary of the 2014 Paris Marathon ?

Crossing Paris both ways, from one huge patch of green to the other : what do you think ? This would be a nice hike indeed. Well, unless you plan to run ? Because, after all, lots of people will do exactly that on April 6 during the 2014 Paris Marathon !

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What you will do

The 38th Paris Marathon will take place on Sunday, April 6, 2014. A little over 42 kilometers of (huge) efforts in order to get from the West to the East of Paris, and backwards, joining the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne.

We decided to pay tribute to all past and future runners of this competition with this "as if..." kind of itinerary. Whether you are a marathonian or not, why not following it as, let's say, a tourist ? That is why we placed 15 spots, some being undisputable attractions, others being more unusual, near the path of the Paris Marathon.

The complete itinerary might take you at least 2 days (a full day if you intend to do it in only one way), but of course, you don't have to walk (much less run !) the whole time. Public transports, sometimes, are your friend if you're tired or, hum, running (no pun intended) out of time.

So... Ready, steady, go !

Step by step
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