Vivienne Gallery

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In context : The covered passageways of Paris

(From : Passage des Panoramas). Now take, in that order, des Variétés, Saint-Marc and Montmartre galleries and exit the passageway at Montmartre street. Then turn right into Notre-Dame-des-Victoires street and go up to the Paris stock exchange. From there, take de la Banque street southbound still, until you'll find, on your right, one of the entrance of the Vivienne gallery.

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  • Masonic symbols

    There are a few of them throughout the Gallery. One in particular, at the entrance of... But wait, we won't tell you which entrance, will we ? Tip : it is a symbol of fraternity.

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The place

This famous covered passageway, located between Place des Victoires, the French National Library and the Palais-Royal Garden, opened in 1826 under the name of its commissionner, Marchoux. It was a time where such places, allowing to shop while sheltered from the rain, were quite popular.

The three entrances to the Gallery are : 6, Vivienne street ; 5, de la Banque street ; and 4, des Petits-Champs street.

At the number 13 of the Gallery, one can admire a big staircase with a wrought iron ramp. It was François Vidocq's, a former convict who became chief of police between 1811 and 1827, house in the late part of his life.

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  • Opening hours - Everyday, 8.30am-8.30pm
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