Le Grand Rex

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In context : To the Grands Boulevards and beyond

(From : The Bouillon Chartier). Go back on the Grands Boulevards and keep heading East. Just before reaching the next subway station (namely : Bonne Nouvelle), you'll see the Grand Rex on your right.

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The place

Le Grand Rex is the largest cinema, theater and music venue in Paris, with 2,800 seats. An atmospheric theatre, the cinema features a starred "sky" overhead, as well as interior fountains. The cinema is a landmark of Art Deco style architecture. It features the largest screen in Europe, called grand large.

The theatre was built for Jacques Haïk, a wealthy film producer, and designed by Auguste Bluysen, a French architect. John Eberson, a Romanian-American, served as a consulting architect.

Construction began in 1931, and the theater opened its doors the following year on the night of December 8. A French government decree on the 5 of October 1981 listed the Cinéma Rex, its interior decor, rooves, and facades as a "Monument National".

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