Temple of Humanity


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The place

The only remaining positivist temple in Europe, the building was constructed in the XVIIth century but its facade was modified in the early XXth century. It now carries a bust of Auguste Comte and the inscription : "Love as a principle and order as a basis, progress as a goal".

On the first floor there is a chapel of Humanity, looking exactly (apart from its reduced size) as the layout conceived by Auguste Comte : 14 broken arcs symbolizes the 13 months of the positivist calendar, and the 14iest arc is dedicated to Héloïse. On the altar is an allegory of humanity bearing the future in her arms.

Source : translated from Wikipedia contributors, "Temple de l'Humanité"

More info
  • Auguste Comte (1798 - 1857) - Auguste Comte was the founder of the doctrine of positivism, based on the view that science (both natural and social) and experience are the exclusive source of knowledge and the only tool that can be used to reach fundamental truth. He then developed the religion of humanity in an attempt to fulfill the role of traditional worship, the latter being rendered obsolete in science-based positivist societies.
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