César's Centaur

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In context : From Rome to Babylone through Luxembourg

(From : Pierre Hermé). Take du Vieux-Colombier street, which begins at Saint-Sulpice square, up to the crossroads formed by du Cherche-Midi and de Sèvres streets.

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Will you be up to the challenge ?
  • What else can you see on the Centaur ?

    Tip : look carefully on the beast's armor. It is something that links Paris and New-York City.
  • The other mythical beast

    Opposite the Centaur, at the other end of the crossroads, is a bas-relief representing another mythical animal. Which one ?

Riddle solved ? Being there right now ? Have fun taking pictures and post them !

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The place

This Centaur sculpture by César is from 1985. The French artist is notably known for its compressions, among them the César du cinéma trophy, which is awarded to the best in French cinema.

Cesar's Centaur - a centaur is a mythical half-man, half-horse beast - has 3 distinctive traits : the head is a self-portrait of the sculptor, the... genitals are, shall we say, hard to miss, and...

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