Dupuytren Museum


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In context : Odeon and Saint-Germain : welcome to Paris showpieces

(From : Saint-Michel Square). From Danton street, turn right into Serpente Street, then right again into Hautefeuille street which will lead you to de l'Ecole-de-Médecine street after crossing Saint-Germain boulevard. Note that Dupuytren Museum is not a mandatory stop, for it might be disturbing for some.

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Will you be up to the challenge ?
  • The Statue of Death

    Not far from the museum, it is hiding in a corner of the cloister of the former covent of the Cordeliers. Will you be brave enough to find it ?

Riddle solved ? Being there right now ? Have fun taking pictures and post them !

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The place

Beware, this museum is not for the faint of heart ! It focuses on anatomical pathologies, that is deformations and diseases are on display under the form of castings or even real organs in jars. For only 5 euros, you'll get to see a little genuine horror show.

So the Dupuytren Museum is a curiosity that won't be for all tastes, and is certainly not suitable for children.

More info
  • Opening hours - From monday to tuesday, 2pm-5pm. Closed during student holidays.
  • The Cordeliers - Before the Faculté de Médecine, there was a covent here, named the covent of the Cordeliers, whose only remains today are the refectory with its distinctive wood structure. During the French Revolution, Danton used the place to found the highly influential political society known as the Club des Cordeliers.
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