Dauphine Passageway

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In context : Odeon and Saint-Germain : welcome to Paris showpieces

(From : Cour de Rohan). Go out of the Cour de Rohan at the Cour du Commandant-Saint-André, northbound, up to Saint-André-des-Arts street which you will take to the left until a crossroads. At this point, turn right into Dauphine street and when you'll reach the level of Christine street on your right, turn left into Dauphine passageway.

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The place

This very nice little passageway is a link between Dauphine and Mazarine streets. If you enter the subterranean parking lot whose address is 27, Mazarine street, you'll be able to see, on the first and second basement floors, remains of the Philippe-Auguste fortification (1190-1210). Yes, in a parking lot.

Apart from this curiosity, the passageway is quite lovely, with cobblestones and a few trees.

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