Passage Vendôme

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In context : The covered passageways of Paris

Let's begin near de la République square. The Passage Vendôme is a little on the right when heading towards du Temple boulevard, in the south-east corner.

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The place

Located between de la République square at the North and Béranger street at the South, the passageway is 57 meter long.

It was built in 1827 on part of the former des Filles-du-Sauveur covent. Despite its elegant architecture and, at first, successful shops, it underwent a rapid decline and in only a few years time it was almost deserted.

In 1969, it was shortened by about 4 meters, so its boulevard facade and part of its glass cover consequently disappeared.

The passageway remains relatively unused today, despite its proximity with one the busiest squares of Paris. It was partially renovated at the end of 2005.

Source : translated from Wikipedia contributors, "Passage Vendôme"

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  • Opening hours - Monday to friday 7.15am-8pm - Saturday 8am-8pm
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