Monceau Park

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In context : A deluxe village life between Champerret and Monceau

(From : The Pagoda, formerly C.T.LOO & Cie Gallery). Now turn left into Rembrandt street, which will lead you to the park. Here we've designed an itinerary for you, but fell free to do otherwise if you please - just don't miss the park's main landmarks, such as its pyramid. Then, we advice you to take de Courcelles boulevard eastbound up to Villiers subway station (line 2). You can also have a look, on 20, Legendre street, at the almost hidden library on the 4th floor of the Polonia restaurant.

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  • Where is the pyramid ?

    Its little door is guarded by two egyptian statues. It is a freemason symbol, one of many in the garden. Enjoy your walk trying to find it.

Riddle solved ? Being there right now ? Have fun taking pictures and post them !

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The place

A absolutely beautiful place (and accordingly, often crowded one - it's much better to visit in the morning) surrounded by luxury buildings and large avenues, the Monceau Park was conceived by Carmontelle for the Duke of Chartres, who bought the land, formerly occupied by the Château de Mousseau (hence the later name "Monceau"), in 1769.

Carmontelle was asked to design a garden that could convey the illusion of many different lands and many different times. That's why you'll find in the Monceau Park such things as an egyptian pyramid, ruins of a watermill, a dutch windmill, a white marbled temple, an obelisk, a minaret, many Chinese influences, as well as several statues of writers (Maupassant, Musset...) and musicians (Chopin for instance), huge entrance doors with golden railings, hilly plots of grass and paths, flowerbeds and thickets, a duck (and swan) pond... There is even a large children area

More info
  • Opening hours - Everyday from 7am to 8pm
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