Expiatory Chapel

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In context : Make a loop though the famous squares of Paris

(From : Garnier Opera House). Take des Capucines boulevard and go explore the very nice and usually quiet Edouard-VII street (there is a theater here). Then find Boudreau street, take it to the left and turn right into Caumartin street up to d'Auber street. You've reached the area of the famous Printemps (just opposite) and Galeries Lafayette (a little further east) department stores. If you can resist a shopping session, or just after, take Haussmann boulevard westbound up to the Square Louis-XVI and Pasquier street.

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The place

The monument is momentarily closed sinced October 1st, 2012.

Chateaubriand found it "the most remarkable edifice in Paris". The chapel was partly constructed on the grounds of the former Madeleine Cemetery, where king Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette had been buried after they had been guillotined.

King Louis XVIII shared the 3 million livres expense of building the Chapelle expiatoire with the Duchess of Angoulême. Construction took ten years, and the chapel was inaugurated in 1826 in the presence of Charles X. 

The Chapelle expiatoire stands on a slight rise. There are two buildings separated by a courtyard which is surrounded by an enclosed cloister-like precinct, a peristyle, that isolates the chapel from the outside world. The building on Rue Pasquier is the entrance. 

The Chapelle expiatoire is without doubt the most uncompromising late neoclassical religious building of Paris. The chapel's severe geometry is unrelieved by sculpture, as can be seen by the view from rue d'Anjou.

Source : Wikipedia contributors, "Chapelle expiatoire"

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  • Opening hours - Thursday to saturday, 1pm-5pm (subject to changes)
  • Prices - Full price : 5 euros - Reduced price : 3,50 euros
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