Îlot de la Reine Blanche

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The place

Behind the Gobelins Manufactory is a set of buildings, some dating back to the XVth century, most to the XVIth, and some others to the XVIIth, structured around paved courtyards. They go by the name Îlot de la Reine Blanche ("White Queen Island"), because of the river Bièvre, covered since 1912, which was running close by.

It was mainly the Gobelin family who built the various buildings, including the "Castle" with its little gable-roofed sharp towers. Initially a residential area, it then became more industrious before being left uncared-for.

FInally faithfully restored from original blueprints in the early 2000's, it is a residential home again.

As to who was the White Queen, historians are not sure. The name probably comes from as far as the XIVth century, but not much more can be said accurately.

The buildings are classified as historical monuments. They're open to visits (entrance at 4, Gustave-Geoffroy street) in summer (only on saturdays and sundays afternoons).

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