Thieng Heng and Hoa Nam


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The place

These are two different vietnamese sandwhich shops and caterers, each on one side of the d'Ivry avenue, near the exit of the Tang supermarket. They both made bánh mì, that is a half french stick with sugary grated carrots marinated in vinegar, cold grazed pork, coriander, cucumber and mayonnaise (and also, for those brave enough, hot pepper). Yes, this is a kind of vietnamese adaptation of the famous French ham and butter sandwich.

Here you're bound to see a lot of asian people, which is a mark of quality. Service is fast, and both places are opened everyday.

More info
  • Tang Frères supermarket - Created by Laotian-born Chinese people, this supermarket franchise is mostly known for its parisian address of d'Ivry avenue. It it the biggest asian supermarket (and caterer) in Paris. Be warned that it's crowded on sundays (choose the beginning of the week instead), and don't be stopped by the smell of durian fruits at the entrance.
  • The Olympiades area - This is a set of residential and commercial buildings, whose layout bear some resemblance with a mountain valley. With quite a lot of high towers and a large (the largest in Paris) platform, it was build in the early 1970's and quickly became part of the neighbourhood of the asian (at first, vietnamese) community in Paris.
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