Poncelet / Bayen Market

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In context : A deluxe village life between Champerret and Monceau

(From : Former Ternes Castle). Follow Bayen street up to Poncelet market. Opposite the Fnac entertainement store on Niel avenue, you'll notice a video game shop. Take not of its name. Together with the previous stop's chef's firstname, this will be your passphrase (type the 2 answers in lowercase, separated by a whitespace) to unlock the mystery stop.

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The place

This is one of the must-see markets of Paris, located between the Place des Ternes and Niel avenue.

French celebrities are often to be seen here, but the real stars are the products. Expansive yes, but simply fabulous (fruits & vegetables, fishes, cheeses - you've got to try Alléosse in particular, which might be the best cheese shop in all Paris). You'll also feel that the Poncelet / Bayen market has a kind of country village atmosphere.

More info
  • Opening hours - Everyday except monday and sunday afternoon, 9am-1pm and 3pm-7.30pm
  • The FNAC Etoile - At the end of the Bayen street's side of the market, is the former building of the Magasins Réunis, that can be spotted by its Art Nouveau corner dome. It houses the Fnac Etoile store since the early 1990's. Recall that Fnac is France's largest retailer of cultural and electronic products. This particular store used to be the best Fnac of Paris, along with the Fnac des Halles maybe. It might not be true today, but the shopping here is still very nice, and the building is definitly worth seeing.
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