De Belleville street

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In context : At the hills of eastern Paris : Belleville and Buttes-Chaumont

(From : Cité Leroy, Cité and Villa de L'Ermitage). Instead of following des Pyrénées street northbound - unless you're getting short on time, in which case it will lead you straight to Belleville street -, go back to de Ménilmontant street and turn right into du Retrait street. At number 17, find the nice passageway that will lead you to Boyer street, which you'll take to the left. Once near de la Bidassoa street, make a sharp turn right into the latter to get to de Ménilmontant street once more. Take Henri-Chevreau street just opposite, and go and see the Villa Castel at 16, du Transvaal street - a charming set of cosy little country-like homes - before crossing the Square des Couronnes and Belleville park. Exit the latter at Ramponeau street, which you'll follow up to de Belleville boulevard. A last turn right will lead you to de Belleville street.

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Will you be up to the challenge ?
  • Birthplace of Edith Piaf

    The famous French singer (1915-1963) is rumored to have been born here in de Belleville street (official documents mention another birthplace however). Some even say that her mother delivered her at her building's entrance. Let's find it (a plaque marks the spot) !

Riddle solved ? Being there right now ? Have fun taking pictures and post them !

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The place

The center of the Belleville district, this was the main street of the former Belleville village, which has been made a part of Paris in 1860. The name Belleville came from "belle vue" ("nice view"), the Belleville hill being of one the highest of the city.

The 1670 street features some nice places, notably the workshops at number 18 (you'll need to go through a courtyard and a corridor) ; the 4 successive courtyards at number 38 (if you're lucky to find the door open) ; a supermarket located in a former movie theater at number 146 ; the Regard de la Lanterne (a work allowing access to underground pipes) at number 213, or Belleville cemetery at number 250.

Singer Edith Piaf, ("la Môme") might also have been born in the street, in 1915.

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