Place de Furstemberg

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In context : A lover's way in Paris

(From : Pont des Arts). Now get past the Institut de France and follow Mazarine street. Turn right into Jacques-Callot street then left into de Seine street. You'll meet on your right de l'Echaudé street which will take you to Jacob street. Follow it on your right again. Finally, de Furstemberg will be on your left.

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The place

Located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, de Furstemberg (or Furstenberg) street is indeed actually a street and not a square, although it's often refered as such, because of its central part's shape.

Calm and full of charm, the street is claimed to be one of the most expensive in Paris in terms of real estate. Several artists worked here, a number 6, among them Eugène Delacroix. The National Museum bearing the name of the famous painter is located exactly there nowadays.

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