Rue du Pélican

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In context : From the Louvre to the Palais-Royal : 8 riddles to solve

(From : Cour Carrée of the Louvre). Take Perrault street, on the left side of the church, and de l'Arbre-Sec street right after crossing de Rivoli street. Then turn left into Saint-Honoré street up to Jean-Jacques-Rousseau street, which you'll take to the right.

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  • Rue du P...

    "Pélican" is a derived from another (3-word) name, whose meaning is quite different, which was given in the Middle Ages when prostitution was a flourishing business here. You will probably have to know some French to find out what name it was, but let's give you some tip : it has something to do with a body hair.

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The place

This street of unregular width was already there in the XVIth century. It was renamed several times, its current name dating back from 1806.

One can see the French Ministère de la Culture facing the street on its western side (at Croix-des-Petits-Champs street).

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